Demetrius B. Williams is an Artist & Designer whose artistic interest sparked at age thirteen, after surfacing as a winner in his school visual arts contest This unexpected recognition inspired him to capitalize on this honor and pursue a future career as an Artist, Professional Stylist and Fashion Consultant.  Each project reflects a critical view of changing social perceptions, political satire, customization and diverse cultural expressions. His passion for the arts only intensified while serving in the United States Marine Corps during the 1990’s, whereby he shed his artistic light on a 12’ x 20’ patriotic wall mural, depicting toughness, movement, of a few good men and women, who make up the Corp. His perception aims to convey complications of life as a Marine, through combinations of color, texture, and symbolism. He was awarded the NAVY Achievement Metal for his efforts.


        This unintended accolade motivated him to enroll in the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), after an Honorable Discharge from the service in 1998. His later creations have since been cited and referenced in numerous works of music television, such as MTV production “Sweet 16” in 2002. His work, in 1992, “The Face of Time” was recognized by the State of South Carolina's-- Governor’s traveling exhibition, as the BEST in Fine Arts.   


     Continued education is at the forefront of his contemporary design inspirations, as well as an eclectic platform of sources for his commissioned work today. He has created several pieces for various local businesses, such as a large wall mural for the Hilton Hotels. 



       Demetrius B. Williams frequently volunteers to give talks at various local church’s and school’s as a way of reaching out to under-served communities to encourage creative artistic interest in young children. He prides himself with introducing the magic of what can be created from all forms of media, ranging from Acrylic & Oil paintings; Face Art; Photography; Mix Media; Prismacolor; Fashion & Lifestyle.

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